This Tom Guilmette 'Phantom Flex' Clip Features Crazy 2,564 FPS Footage

 - Feb 16, 2011
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Camera technology is rapidly advancing into new and exiting realms, but this Tom Guilmette 'Phantom Flex' video clip is a startling revelation into just how far it really has come.

Only a few of these extremely rare and expensive cameras exist in the world, but that isn't the only thing about them that is extraordinary. In fact, Phantom Flex cameras have the unimaginable ability to film in 1080 resolution at up to 2800 frames a second - well beyond the capabilities of virtually any camera known to man. In this Tom Guilmette 'Phantom Flex' clip, the skilled artist puts these capabilities to the test by capturing some truly jaw-dropping footage of the camera in action. The results are, needless to say, incredible to behold.