The Tokova Tiger Shark Releases the Soulja Boy Edition

If you’re looking to add another gadget to your "useless items" list, the Tokova Tiger Shark tablet has released its Soulja Boy edition. No, you didn’t have a stroke. You did read that properly. That’s right, a Soulja Boy edition—let the laughs begin.

In a world dominated by Apple products, it’s hard to get any variety when it comes to quality electronics, especially tablets. The Tokova Tiger Shark is a tablet I’ve never heard of until now. The reason being is that it’s now branded using the greatest entertainer of our generation: Soulja Boy. What’s even more comical than a Soulja Boy tablet is the $499.99 price tag. Unless this thing can teleport me back to January 30, 1969, to catch the last public performance by The Beatles, it will be filed under "useless items."