Tobias Kwan Illustrates Macabre Beauties

Tobias Kwan is a premier fantasy illustrator whose painterly style lends itself well to the surreal atmosphere of his pieces. Often painting women of pale complexion with witch and vampire-like qualities, the Irvine, California-based artist always manages to dazzle viewers’ eyes while simultaneously making them feel unnerved with graphic macabre imagery.

It’s arguable that the most impressive Tobias Kwan illustration is the one featuring Final Fantasy 6’s Terra Branford. Besides using a vibrant palette to render this popular character, Kwan also adapts legendary artist Yoshitaka Amano’s style to paint the female protagonist. The resulting image is a visual hybrid between the aesthetics of Amano and Kwan, demonstrating Kwan’s fearlessness in taking on difficult projects while remaining true to himself.