'To Lydia with Love' Mocks Skyrim Companion's Constant Obstruction

 - Feb 16, 2012
References: youtube & gametyrant.co
Anyone who’s played at least 10 hours of Skyrim will be familiar with the character Lydia, and this 'To Lydia with Love' video perfectly captures the annoyance players feel when having the companion character tag along during adventures.

The 'To Lydia with Love' video was made by Kristen Nedopak and company, and she and actress Lauren McFall recreate a common scenario encountered by gamers whereby the faulty computer AI will have Lydia obstruct players or getting herself killed unnecessarily. This often results in people loading previous save files to rectify the stupid actions.

The production values of 'To Lydia with Love' are surprisingly high for a parody video, with green screen backdrops and costumes taken straight out of the Bethesda-produced game. The video even goes so far as to copy the in-game interface for added authenticity.