Inspiring Eco Architecture by Rafaello Rosselli Embraces Rusticity

​Located in the heart of Redfern, Sydney, the eccentric tin shed house by Rafaello Rosselli is an iconic building which embraces and celebrates the cause of sustainability. With a raw, rustic facade which gently blends with the surrounding contemporary designer neighborhood, this inspiring home is a true triumph of Eco-architecture.

The initial idea of this project was to re-purpose a tin shed in the rear of a residential lot, but in the course of work, Rosselli decided to turn it into an eclectic home. Today, the tin shed house is an iconic building in Redfern and also a marvelous example how modernity and sustainable living can interlace together to create the perfect combination of a home with an unusual, yet appealing look. The unusual tin exterior brings to the whole project just enough rusticity to create an eccentric, yet homey design.