The 'Remindful' Platform Prompts Taking Time to Recenter With Reminders

 - Aug 11, 2016
The 'Remindful' app is a platform designed to help consumers bring awareness to a present state of mind with reminders that prompt users to take the time to recenter. The app is ideal for consumers that live busy, on-the-go lifestyles and often find themselves getting too caught up in what they are doing. The app can be utilizes to preset notifications that remind the user to take a few minutes to recenter and recharge, so they can tackle the rest of their day in a better headspace.

'Remindful' is incredibly intuitive to use, with a minimalistic layout and stylized interface. Consumers simply need to select three settings to receive the prompts. These include how often they want to take a break, what type of meditative sound they'd like to alert them and a guided mantra. The mantras are all designed to bring awareness to the present moment with suggestions such as "breathe," "give thanks" and "come back to now"