Keith Loutit Stacks Three Years of Photos to Showcase Singapore

 - Jun 15, 2016
References: keithloutit & mymodernmet
Keith Loutit brings to life the skyline of the city of Singapore with an extensive three year long time lapse of still photos that come together to show the change and growth of the urban space. The photo series is known as The Lion City II - Majulah and it turns the still images into a moving film about the changing area as it grows day by day.

Time lapses are often used to show a slow growth or change over an extensive period of time and Loutit utilizes the style to hone in on Singapore's growth as a city in both an architectural, transportation and residential perspective. The time lapse showcases the city with areas being built, torn down, the sun rising and setting and the growth of the setting. The images can be watched as a film that spans a few minutes in total.