These Juxtaposed Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Time Covers Span a Century

 - Sep 2, 2015
References: karenx & petapixel
These images show how greatly magazines have changed in the last century, including Seventeen, GQ and Time covers. Changes have occurred not just in media, visual and digital design but also in culture, interests and values.

Among the juxtaposed images curated by Karen Cheng and Jerry Gabra is Cosmopolitan's 1947 and 2015 covers. The first has a drawing of a woman with her horse by her side while the current issue has a half-naked Nikki Minaj posing seductively. The TIME covers showcase Charlie Chaplin in 1925, while 2015's copy has social media executive Mark Zuckerburg plastered across the front.

The takeaways from comparing these images side-by-side are society's shift to shock-value images and the reliance on sex to sell, while interestingly, global interest in celebrity entertainers has largely remained unchanged.