The Timbre Speaker by Casey Lin is an Unassuming Audio System

 - Jun 21, 2013
References: designby-cl & core77
If the Timbre Speaker is mistaken for a pair of fruit bowls or other similar dish, that is due entirely to the design and not how the owner has displayed it. The two glass sections of the Timbre Speaker remain empty as it is from there that sound is emitted into the open air.

An interactive sound system, the Timbre Speaker allows the user to manipulate the sound quality by moving these objects on the surface of an unassuming transductive receiver. Designed by Casey Lin, the Timbre Speaker not only uses glass, but also Black American Walnut wood, which adds a warmth to it. According to the designer, "Wood and glass were [chosen] for their favourable acoustic qualities which enhances the audio experience of the user."