The Tiipii Space Divider Acts as a Soft Separation Between Parts of a Room

 - Mar 28, 2013
References: martela
The Tiipii Space Divider isn't going to be effective as a means to interrupt the general openness of a large room; however, it makes for a very useful little screen to block off specific sight lines. People would find it terribly useful in the home, in the office and even in the classroom.

Place the Martela Tiipii Space Divider in front of your laundry hamper or next to your desk. Made from a soft material with a stiff core, the room divider stands erect on its own because of a curve worked into its base. This shape gives it balance while a single cord fed from side to side keeps its form secure. Gradually tapering towards the top, the Antti Keskinen's separator does not appear imposing.