Heineken’s Green Draught System is Making Waves This Earth Day

This Earth Day, consider pouring yourself a pint of environmentally friendly Dutch lager. Heineken, the beer brand known for its recognizable green bottles, is taking the concept of being green to the next level with the ‘David XL Green’ draught system. This cutting-edge draught technology reduces energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions associated with the enjoyment of refreshing Dutch lager.

The David XL Green draught system uses 50% less energy than conventional draught systems, and is able to keep beer fresh for up to 30 days.

This is made possible by the unique positioning of the beer keg in relation to the tap. By placing the 20 liter kegs and refrigerator directly beneath the counter and tap, the distance between the tap to your glass is reduced. This means the beer holds its temperature better, resulting in energy savings as the keg does not have to be kept as cold as conventional kegs.

So if you want to do Mother Nature a favor this Earth Day, pour yourself a cold one using the David XL Green setup.