The 'Things Could Be Worse' Tumblr Puts Personal Tragedies in Perspective

When you're down in the dumps, the 'Things Could Be Worse' Tumblr illustrates fictional scenarios to make the problems you're dealing with seem like child's play.

A source of humorous inspiration for those gloomy days, this creative series of disappointments are made by artist Benjamin Dewey as a way to demonstrate his artistic flair. With captions that read "snuggle cub needs a cuddle" with a picture of a sad panda searching for a hug, these so-called tragedies make your daily struggles to find the perfect shirt seem a little less damaging. Yes, we all have those days, but with the 'Things Could Be Worse' Tumblr, bad days pale in comparison to zombie invasions and animals eating preciously kept love letters.

Be prepared to drown your sorrows with laughter with these adventurous accounts that bring light to darker times.