The HotLogic Mini Oven is a Lunch Bag that Warms Up Your Food

With the HotLogic Mini Oven, you never have to wait in line to use the microwave at work again.

This mini oven doubles as a lunch bag, making it perfect for traveling. When you get to work, instead of leaving your lunch in a drawer—cold and probably getting a bit gross—plug the bag into an outlet. Between your morning coffee and lunch, the bag heats up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping your food warm and ready to eat as soon as lunch time hits.

The interior of the bag is made of aluminum to keep the heat trapped. The HotLogic Mini Oven is useful for people who sometimes have to work through their lunch break so they don’t have to leave their desks. Parents can give their kids hot, nutritional lunches at school without worrying about them having to find a microwave.