This Then-and-Now Series Does the Opposite and Turns Decades Around

 - Jul 6, 2014
References: ttgphoto & designtaxi
Twisting things around to give audiences a new perspective, this then-and-now series does a beautiful job meshing different eras in a way that is fresh and visually stunning.

Created by photographer Samantha Decker, this landscape-oriented then-and-now series doesn't do the usual juxtaposing of old images against modern scenes, she does the opposite. Using old images of places like Paris, the ‘Now & Then: Seeing the Future from the Past’ series features pictures that have a naturally vintage look to them for older eras and crisper, more colorful images for the current day scenes.

"I've always been fascinated by the Then & Now photos you see on the Internet, where a person is holding an old photo up to the same scene today. It's interesting to look at a scene as if you were seeing the future from that moment," Decker.