These The Weeknd Posters Illustrate the Crooner's Intoxicating Lyrics

As enigmatic as the singer himself, these The Weeknd posters seemingly crept their way into circulation and are now dominating Tumblr feeds everywhere, mimicking the Toronto crooner's unexpected but very much welcomed career.

These The Weeknd posters hold a special place in fans' hearts as they use potent graphics to illustrate some of the R&B artist's inebriating lyrics. The songs featured so far include What You Need, Lonely Star, Heaven or Las Vegas, and everyone's favorite, Wicked Games. More posters inspired by the mixtapes House of Balloons, Thursday, and The Weeknd's upcoming Echoes of Silence are to be expected.

As of right now, the creator of these The Weeknd posters is unknown, though most blogs link back to a Tumblr titled Principles of Procrastination as its source.