The Tcooter Features a Removable Engine that Doubles as a Generator

 - May 17, 2012
References: erichandesign & ecofriend
The Tcooter, designed by Eric Han, is a futuristic scooter that makes use of Michelin's conceptual Twell (tire+wheel) technology. The scooter's noticeable lack of suspension is made possible by the Tweel's shock absorbing capabilities.

The futuristic wheels of the Twill are great and all, but the real draw of this concept is its removable engine. Making the engine removable allows it to serve as a generator, a feature which should be a hit in India, the country for which Han designed the Tcooter. Unfortunately for Indian motorists, this scooter exists only on paper at the moment. Still, with the rapid advances in technology, it may not be long before a scooter is produced incorporating either the Tweels or removable engine of the Tcooter.