The String Doll Gang

 - Dec 20, 2007
References: cooladdict & cooladdict
I don't know about some of you, but I hate it when someone pulls out their set of keys and it has more key chains and accessories than everyone you know combined. It is those kind of people that actually deserve to die in a horror movie when the killer is getting close and they can't find the right key to their house or car.

You only need one key chain, and it could be a useful one that clips to your belt loop or a a cool designed one, such as ones from The String Doll Gang.

Made by using only one continuous piece of string, each gang member has a unique special power. For example, "Jo Ninja" (pictured below) will make it impossible for enemies to sneak up on you. "Luv Bird" will fly your heart to those you miss the most while "CrazyEyes" helps you find whatever it is you are looking for. Whether you want one to give to a friend or one to for your own personal use, you will most likely find a street doll gang member that fits your needs.

I am a fan and you should be too. You can buy them over at Kamibashi.