The Spiderman by Huang Wei is a Futuristic Gadget With Industrial Aims

 - Mar 14, 2011
References: gizfactory
Despite its gamer-esque appearance, the Spiderman by Huang Wei is in fact a bold new approach to controlling large machines that combines a user-friendly design with ergonomic concerns.

Designed with large industrial machines in mind, the Spiderman by Huang Wei allows users to easily and comfortably manipulate machines over long periods of time. This is of particular importance for large construction projects because they often demand extended hours of repetitive motions, meaning that the Spiderman could help cut down on work-related injuries stemming from operating large machines while also making time spent more efficient.

On top of the Spiderman by Huang Wei's functional advantages, however, it also boasts a surprising level of versatility. In fact, its hardware is easily adapted to serve a variety of different applications without the need for extensive technical overhauls.