This Graphic Shows the Cost of the Simpsons' Lives in Real Locations

 - Sep 14, 2015
References: fatwallet & designtaxi
While society often considers the cost of personal living situations, this infographic focuses on a cartoon series to show the cost of The Simpsons lives in real life. This iconic cartoon series often shows the family traveling and partaking in extravagant adventures, but it's not very realistic.

These images show how much the family would spend on all of their creative antics in reality. For example, if the family really lived in Springfield Oregon Homer's salary of $51,544 would not be enough to support the house, which costs $182,500.

Since the show has never revealed its true location, the creative minds at FatWallet created various options. This interesting graphic shows how much the Simpsons' lives truly cost in different areas of America. The chart provides a new way to view The Simpsons.