The SIKURPhone is Built for Cryptocurrency and is Incredibly Secure

 - Feb 28, 2018
References: engadget & cnet
The SIKURPhone is a cryptocurrency-focused phone created by Brazil-based company Sikur. This new mobile device comes with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet and is being touted as the first fully encrypted, hack-proof smartphone. These claims may seem overblown, but Sikur has proven its phone's capabilities after challenging bug bounty company HackerOne to test the phone's anti-hacking capabilities. HackerOne was not able to succeed in hacking the phone, proving the security Sikur is offering.

The SIKURPhone runs on Android, but it is a heavily modified version of the smartphone OS. The phone is capable of offering, calls, messages, document storage and a few other handy features, but any extra features will require Sikur configuration. The design of the phone is incredibly discreet, coming it at 5.5-inches.

This smartphone may not appeal to the vast majority of users, but for those looking to completely encrypt their device will find the SIKURPhone amazing.