The Secret Life of Internet "It" Girl Cory Kennedy

 - Mar 6, 2007
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How do you become a teen internet icon? You show up at a concert in a hot yellow dress, get photographed and uploaded by a popular internet party-photo site, and develop an obsessive fan base on to the tune of 3700 friends who just can't get enough of you. Can this really be done? Absolutely. It happened to 15 year-old Cory Kennedy and that's not all that's happened to this teenage party girl. She can be found on Wikipedia where they list all of her accomplishments including being named Internet "It" girl by, and she was hired by Nylon Magazine to feature in and write articles about how "Tres Cool" her party circuit is, as she has partied with some of the biggest names in Hollywood like Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan. The best part is, she did it all before she turned 16 and mom and dad were none-the-wiser.