- Oct 27, 2007
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The Resin Lamp is as simple and finely crafted light as you would expect from Designgedichtjes. The lamp really looks spartan. It consists of a cord, a couple of light bulbs, and highly polished clear resin. Simple? Not quite.

How will you change the bulbs on these lamps? Designgedichtjes overcomes this problem (somewhat) by developing light bulbs that consist of 5,000 hour filaments, so a user will not be disappointed until long after the warranty wears out.

Also, the designer has cleverly concealed the wiring in the resin cube to the point where it is virtually invisible. Even the polished resin poses a problem due to its temperamental manufacturing technique. Resin tends to hold air pockets which ruin the prismatic effect of this light. I can only assume that the designers took several tries to get the mixture right in the casting process.