The Present Clock Measures the Year's Progress Instead of the Time

 - Dec 5, 2012
References: mssngpeces & thisiscolossal
The Present Clock doesn't measure minutes, hours or even days -- it measures years.

In a brilliant response to the fast paced, "never enough time" nature of our world these days, The Present Clock slows everything down and gives you a new way of thinking about time.

Are we racing against the hour, the day or the year? This is the ultimate question this clock asks. The answer it comes up with is; the year. So instead of producing another ticking clock that tells us when we're late, "M ss ng P eces" created a clock that makes one full rotation only every 365 days.

"We now live in a time where everyone you know and everything you want to know is a second away," says the narrator of the promotional video. "We're having a 21st century experience of time, but we're still measuring it with an 18th century clock."