The 'Power of In-Person Infographic' Compares Communication Methods

 - Apr 17, 2012
References: columnfivemedia & cisco
Despite living in an age where technology rules and virtual communication is quick and easy, 'The Power of In-Person' infographic reveals some interesting information claiming that face-to-face conversations are more effective than electronically-aided ones.

Based on information garnered from a survey run by The Economist Intelligence Unit and Cisco, the majority of the 862 business leaders surveyed were almost unanimous in citing that in-person communication is the most successful method for conveying information and an invaluable component of a successful workplace.

While the leaders in the business world believe that the verbal and non-verbal cues present in a face-to-face interaction are vital to building a successful relationship and understanding the content of the conversation, over 60% of communication is still done via electronic means. This is largely due to the fact that customers believe that the convenience and time-saving components of virtual communication are more important than bonding over a real life interaction.