The OpenMoko Neo1973

 - Mar 4, 2008
References: openmoko & gizmodo
OpenMoko is an unconventional type of company. Just like the zzzPhone, the company lets their customers engage in the design process.

They describe themselves thus on their website, "Our company is unconventional, we openly share our roadmap. And your participation, in terms of actual code, hardware features, suggestions, and usage-scenarios will shape product features of our future devices".

In accord with their open-source, free-for-all philosophy, they have released the CAD (computer aided design) files for their Neo1973 which is an open source phone which allows the end-user to design and create their own body for the phone under a Creative Commons License which makes all design creations available to the general public.

According to the OpenMoko website, The Neo1973 has the following hardware specifications:

* 2.8" VGA TFT color display
* Touchscreen, usable with stylus or fingers
* 266MHz Samsung System on a Chip (SOC)
* USB 1.1, switchable between Client and Host (unpowered)
* Integrated AGPS
* 2.5G GSM â€" tri band (900/1800/1900), voice, CSD, GPRS
* Bluetooth 2.0
* Micro SD slot
* High Quality audio codec

If its free, I'm all for it.
Check out the zzzPhone: