The 'Nutrima' Analyzes Your Food by Touching It

 - Jun 21, 2013
References: electroluxdesignlab
Helping you avoid placing toxins in your body, the Nutrima analyzes your food before you eat it. The paper-thin gadget looks at your food's nutrition, freshness and toxin levels just by touching it. Users can place their food in a designated circle so that the mat can analyze what's being placed in their bodies.

The Nutrima is charged through physical force. Before using the mat, all you have to do is bend it vigorously. The resulting charge is enough for you to use your mat for several minutes.

Since the Nutrima is so portable, you can bring it around while shopping for food. Before purchasing anything, you can analyze the toxin and freshness levels. If the mat senses anything alarming, it can record that so that you can avoid shopping there again.