The iMac Shuffle Nixes the Screen in Favor of Sleek Aluminum

 - Mar 23, 2009
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The newest iMac release from Apple is the lightest, simplest and sexiest yet. To create the most unnecessarily lightweight, durable desktop known to man, the Apple iMac Shuffle is cast with a solid aluminum chassis. And nothing else. Why let colors get between you and the hypnotic glow of the Apple logo?

In lieu of a keyboard and screen, the iMac Shuffle is equipped with Apple’s newest faceless interface, VoiceOver, and a three button remote control. 

This latest model is also the most technologically advanced, having been wiped of any data ports or devices that may become obsolete in the next six to twelve months. According to the producer, they liked the effect so much they just might not put any of these devices back in.