The 'Lazyglasses' Enables Wearers to Watch TV Without Sitting Up

 - Aug 17, 2013
References: thinkgeek & psfk
If there was ever a time you wished you could still enjoy your programs without having to physically sit up, the 'Lazyglasses' is just the product to allow you to continue to lounge.

After a long day at work or school, there is little better than coming home and being able to lay on the couch and relax. Except, if you want to read or watch television, you can't lay down without running the risk of hurting your neck.

These glasses have angled mirrors on them, which will allow you to continue to do whatever you wanted to without having to sit up. The 90 degree angle will make relaxing activities easier.

Even though it may seem ridiculous that the Lazyglasses promote the inability to even sit, people who are bed ridden would be able to use these and continue to do the activities that they love.