The Furrow Eases the Struggles of Finding the Right Place to Plug in

 - Jul 9, 2011
References: yankodesign & yankodesign
Think of those times you've struggled to reach a power outlet and you'll instantly be drawn to The Furrow. The design makes it entirely easy to find the place where your plug fits in.

Designers Kim Min Seok & Taehak Kwon are the masterminds between The Furrow. The plate of the outlet has furrows facing the same direction as the holes of the outlet; making it possible for you to plug in without even looking at it. All you have to do is feel The Furrow with your hands and your intuition will tell you where to go.

The Furrow makes plugging in completely convenient and gets rid of those awkward situations where you spend endless amounts of time looking for the right spot.

Implications - Modern society demands so much of its citizens that consumers are only looking for the most convenient items. Efficiency when completing tasks is an aspect that modern customers look for when making purchases. Focusing on this desire for more effectiveness in items could help a company grow its brand.