The RUF-Cinema

 - Apr 17, 2007
References: dexterton
Why watch a TV from your couch when you can turn your bed into a movie theater experience? That's the theory behind the RUF BETTEN RUF-Cinema, a multimedia playground for adults. The site describes, "To go to the cinema in your pajamas, stretch out your feet as much as you want and snuggle down into your pillow? That's not a vision with RUF-Cinema, the first multimedia bed of the furture, it's every evening's reality. Interesting perspectives, visionary technology: RUF-Cinema looks just as good from the rear as from the front. The most striking features: futuristic punched metal cover and spectacular cable channel. Looking good: a home cinema rack fitted between the two headboard bolsters offers enough space for items such as a beamer, DVD player and games consoles. The lit frosted glass top with infraared touch sensor is an eye-catcher."