The Drifter Chicago Incorporates a Retro Ambiance to Its Space

 - May 16, 2019
References: thedrifterchicago
The Drifter Chicago is a playful speakeasy that incorporates a large selection of cocktails and interchanging menu options. It delivers a fun experience with its authentic 20s-themed design and infusion of fortune-telling and tarot card readings to provide an overall experience.

Notably, the tarot card system also plays a role in the bartender's curation of drinks for visitors. The speakeasy is found within another bar, in the basement of the Green Door Tavern, welcoming visitors into a previous era. The Drifter Chicago also hosts unique acts for sources of entertainment and ongoing events that are enjoyed with the selection of interchanging drinks and food. It is a perfect location for those who appreciate intricate cocktails and history enthusiasts as well.