The D'light from H_design is Strong and Malleable

 - Dec 15, 2011
References: yankodesign
If you thought fluorescent lighting was immune to reinvention, then you clearly haven't seen the D'light. D'light is a new design from h_design that turns the dangerous and hazardous fluorescent light into one that is eco-friendly and flexible.

D'light is designed to replace existing fluorescent light bulbs of all shapes and sizes. The light has been designed to be flexible and can contract itself to one-fourth of its own size if needed. The D'light is made using heat temperature vulcanizing; this process makes the bulb tough and ensures that it won't break under slight pressure or in the event of a fall. H_design's bulb may not be the sexiest creation ever, but its simple design could go a long way in revolutionizing the world.