The Cookie Dough Café Has Debuted a New Brownie Batter Flavor

Edible cookie dough has recently become a popular snack option and now The Cookie Dough Café is extending the phenomenon to brownies as well. With its indulgent new Brownie Batter flavor, The Cookie Dough Café is making it easier than ever for consumers to enjoy the best part of baking: eating the batter.

The Cookie Dough Café's new Brownie Batter flavor is a cup of edible cookie dough made with real cocoa. Described as "the perfect indulgence for all chocolate lovers," the dough takes the rich, chocolaty taste of brownie batter and transforms it into a snack that you can enjoy without the risk of salmonella. The batter even comes in single-serve cups, so you can enjoy a delicious cup of brownie batter on the go. Best of all, the sweet snack is completely vegan, so even those with dietary restrictions can enjoy.

Image Credits: The Cookie Dough Café.