'The Border Lands' is a Retro Continuation of the 'Borderlands' Franchise

 - Aug 27, 2012
References: crazygames & technabob
'The Border Lands' is a new flash game from the makers of the acclaimed role-playing shooter 'Borderlands.' To help hold fans over until the release of 'Borderlands 2' at the end of September, Gearbox Software (the game's maker) created the 16-bit game.

The game lets you play as one of four playable characters from the upcoming Borderlands sequel. The objective of the 16-bit game is essentially the same as the regular games: kill enemies and get loot. The Border Lands is simple enough to play. The arrow keys move your sprite around the map and the space bar shoots. Experience points are gained from dead enemies and gun upgrades are found in chests. Even if you aren't a Borderlands diehard, the game is still worth a play, if only for nostalgia.