News Search Gets Visual

 - Mar 2, 2007
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CNET has introduced a visual tool THE BIG PICTURE for news search. Here's straight from the source:

The Big Picture is a CNET special feature. It creates visual maps that show relationships between stories, companies, and topics within the site.

*How it works* For every story published, editors and reporters included relevant links to other stories. In addition, highlights the important companies that appear in a story as well as attach appropriate topics to each story.

Each story has a visual map which shows related stories, topics, or news from the same company. Stories on the map are represented with "bubbles" - the more popular a story, the larger the bubble.

It's an interesting feature - and a vast improvement over the textual tag cloud which is currently a popular method of displaying data by importance. Tag clouds, however, miss the "relationship" element and don't show how stories connect to one another - which is the beauty of THE BIG PICTURE tool.

I have loved it!