The Badpiper Rocks Out to AC/DC with Flames Shooting from His Pipes

 - Jun 30, 2013
References: thebadpiper & laughingsquid
While bagpiping is not usually associated with rock and roll, mohawks, or leather, Austrlia's The Badpiper has seen to it that bagpiping receives a full-on rock and roll treatment.

Wearing a studded kilt, combat boots and a leather vest, The Badpiper plays classic rock and roll tunes on his set of pipes, from AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" to "Jug, jug, bucket o' squid." In addition to his already punk rock appearance, The Badpiper's bagpipes shoot jets of flame towards the audience at the most climactic moments of his songs.

The Badpiper has created quite a career for himself, performing at fringe festivals all over the world and awing crowds with his unique take on bagpipe music. His rock and roll mentality, combined with his flair for performance, makes this intense bagpiper one of the most unique and individualistic street performers in the world.