Jack Douglass' 'The Apple Watch Parody' Pokes Fun at the Smartwatch

 - Sep 11, 2014
References: designtaxi
The Apple Watch Parody by YouTuber Jack Douglass makes fun of some of the functions of the newly released smartwatch. Right off the bat, Douglass expresses confusion, as many others have, at Apple choosing to deviate from naming the device the 'iWatch.'

Even though wearable technology is taking off, Douglass points out just how awkward it is to try and view photos on a tiny screen and be able to do things like share your heartbeat with another Apple Watch user. Douglass also points out some humorous things that the watch is capable of, "just like a regular watch," such as setting the time and viewing the date. Like a true tech parody, the spoof goes on to boast about some of the ridiculous features of the product, such as "sending an emoji has never been more complicated."