The Amazing Machine by Quirkology is a Festive Rube Goldberg Machine

 - Dec 24, 2013
References: sploid.gizmodo
'The Amazing Machine' is a holiday-themed Rube Goldberg machine created by Quirkology, made from tons of children's toys. Some familiar games you might spot include classics like the Mouse Trap board game, Mr. Potato Head and Pop-Up Pirates.

The machine begins with a small ball that sets off a ton of actions, including knocking over dominoes, toppling card towers, travelling train sets and releasing balloons all to spell out "Season's Greetings" in Scrabble-like tiles.

Elaborate Rube Goldberg machines are always fascinating to watch in action and all the effort put into this Quirkology has certainly paid off, since the video has already been collecting hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube since it was uploaded just a few days ago.