The Airdrop House is an Instant Housing Solution for Flood-Effected Areas

 - Sep 8, 2010   Updated: Jul 14 2011
References: treehugger
Eco-conscious architect Andrew Maynard has come up with a design that would provide a temporary housing solution for flood-effected areas. The sustainable home, also known as 'The Airdrop House', can be carried from flooded areas and be dropped from a plane.

Specially made with sponge-like materials which soak up and remove water, 'The Airdrop House' can expand up to seven meters in diameter to provide enough space for living.

Implications - The green revolution has had a transformative effect on social values. Consumers that consider themselves eco-minded prize efficient design and the reduction of waste. Companies should create ad campaigns that serve to champion their environmental initiatives to forge a more meaningful relationship with eco consumers.