The Adventure Project Aims to Eliminate Struggles and Misery

The Adventure Project establishes investments in social enterprises all over the globe to put an end to poverty.

This non-profit organization is founded by Becky Straw and Jody Landers while traveling through West Africa. This social good partnership scrounges the globe to raise awareness and to seek funds to support the best and highly-effective social ventures.

Their mission is to end poverty in this lifetime by cleverly reinventing the act of giving. They tackle different issues and promote positivity in more than one department. The project aims to encourage economic growth, promote dignity and to obliterate the barriers that prevent people from obtaining a happy life.

Issues such as water, environment, hunger and health are among a few of the causes The Adventure Project seeks to change. This bandwagon of folks is on a crusade to make socially responsible actions impact communities by giving people a shot at life.

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