Thames River Museum Would Offer Views of the Thames' Tidal Movement

 - Jan 12, 2017
References: & archdaily
The Thames River is the iconic geographical landmark of London, and the Thames River Museum concept hopes to offer a completely new perspective on the river to tourists and residents alike.

Considering the centuries-long history of London, it's hard to imagine any way to provide a unique view of the Thames. But while people have seen the river from the surface for all that time, few have had the chance to see it from underneath; that's exactly the view that the Thames River Museum hopes to offer.

The museum would be built in Queen's Quay, an abandoned section of dock on the North Bank. Architect Evgeny Didorenko's plan is to build a concrete volume from the bed of the river up to the surface and have the wall facing the river be made from thick glass. This would allow those inside to see the rise and fall of the tide.