Thai Coconut Ginger Jerky Gives the Dried Meat Snack an Unexpected Kick

 - Aug 6, 2015
References: foodrepublic
Thai jerky is far more exotic than the usual dried meat snack that is popular among carnivores. While traditional jerky features a burst of smokey flavors, this sticky treat is far more versatile.

Thai food is traditionally spicy so it's no surprise that this dried meat snack would also offer a tangy flavor. This recipe for Thai jerky is found in Pamela Braun's jerky-centric cookbook titled 'Jerky Everything.' This recipe details how to make the sticky, sweet and savory jerky utilizing various spices and seasonings.

In addition to its mild flavor, this jerky also features coconut milk, shredded coconut, brown sugar and fresh ginger ingredients. These various ingredients give the smokey snack a combination of contrasting flavors that make Thai jerky a favorite among foodies and meat lovers.