Ontario is Specializing Highway Areas For Drivers to Safely Use Cellphones

 - May 24, 2016
References: huffingtonpost & notable
Ontario is revamping its busy highways to now offer designated texting zones throughout so that drivers can have a safe space to pull over and use their cellphones. The newly appointed areas are designed to decrease the use of smartphones while driving, by offering periodical pit stops that drivers can pullover into to safely access social media, make calls or text during long trips. The design is an effort to help reduce texting while driving.

While there are currently fines and penalties in place if a driver is caught using a smartphone behind the wheel, many consumers continue to do so. Ontario is hoping to decrease this by offering stops along its highways designed specifically for texting and smartphone use. The areas will be called 'Texting Zones' and will allow for temporary stops to safely use tech devices.