Artist Terry-Pauline Price is Inspired by Nature and Timelessness

 - Mar 26, 2014
References: gadflygallery & mymodernmet
The romance of youth is captured in the paintings of Terry-Pauline Price, an artist hailing from Australia. Yet there are themes involved in her work that delve much deeper than that. Although most of her paintings revolve around a youthful feminine form, there is a sense of freedom and connection to nature as well. This is due to the forested settings that often surround Terry-Pauline Price protagonist.

The soft and vibrant style of brush work used by Terry-Pauline Price also denotes a sense of timelessness, which often goes hand in hand with the idea of youth. According to Gadfly Gallery, which is based in Western Australia, "She often depicts the magpie, which, in Greek mythology represents the re-incarnated Muses, those daughters of Zeus who each represented beauty, grace and the arts."