Terry Fan Crops Stars Wars Characters' Heads Onto Dapper Bodies

 - Feb 3, 2012
References: krop & lacarpa.tumblr
Star Wars was originally inspired by old adventure serials, so for Terry Fan to crop the heads off characters like Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Yoda and C-3PO and put them onto well-dressed bodies of vintage photos seems rather fitting. Each historical science fiction picture has that aged look with its off-white coloring, though the anachronistic inclusion of space age helmets, lightsabers and weird aliens gives away the illusion.

Terry Fan also hilariously christens each character with a new name. General Fett, Baron Von C-3PO, Sir Yoda and Victorian Vader look as though they may be precursors to George Lucas' creations.

Fans of Terry Fan's work already know how many times he's rendered Star Wars-related imagery, but this new series is one of the first times he's made something Star Wars-themed using actual photos.