The Terrible Chair by Michele Oka Doner is Fit for an Evil Queen

 - Nov 27, 2013
References: larcobaleno & bookofjoe
The Terrible Chair looks like a throne fit for Maleficent, the Evil Queen of 'Sleeping Beauty' fame. As thorny as the rose bushes she magically grows around the princess' castle to seal her in, the Terrible Chair looks pretty...terrible.

It wasn't designed by the witchy villain, however. Instead Michele Oka Doner, an artist and designer based in Miami and New York, created the Terrible Chair. As written on L'Arco Baleno, "The legend goes that [she] chanced upon a thorny branch one day and got the notion to domesticate its menacing, untamed beauty." Intriguingly enough, the Terrible Chair is in fact fashioned out of real thorn bushes. Although it resembles a functional piece of furniture, only the truly brave (or cursed) would ever recline in its seat.