The Terracotta Army by Lizabeth Eva Rossoff is a Modern Twist

 - Nov 26, 2014
References: beautifuldecay
Lizabeth Eva Rossoff, an artist based in San Francisco, California, cleverly rethinks the traditional Terracotta Army. Replacing the heads with iconic pop culture characters including Bart Simpson, Mickey Mouse and Spider Man, her Terracotta Army has been renamed 'Xi’an American Warriors.'

Although some people might just take her Terracotta Army at face value, she explains that it is meant to "playfully explore the concerns of American media’s global influence and China’s industry of counterfeiting the copyrighted properties held by said media." What makes the modern Terracotta Army even more impressive is that it was made using the same process that built the original third century BCE warriors from Lintong District. Rossoff worked with a Terracotta Warrior replica studio in the Xi’an Shaanxi province.