Terra Jo Gets a Retro Touch in the ‘Stuff Girls Love

Model Terra Jo is the cute star of this playful shoot by Jared Thomas Kocka. She wears awesome 90s fashion, bright colors and the photographs have little stars, kittens, hearts and clouds added to them for an extra splash of fun.

The locations of the shoot bring back that old feeling of being in elementary school and it was inspired by what it was like to grow up in the 90s. Adding graphics on top of the images kicked back to the energy and attitude of youth. The model, Terra Jo, did a great job at representing that energetic, playful stage of life with her school girl outfits, tie-dye print shirts, the curly choker and her 90s-inspired hairstyles.

‘Stuff Girls Love’ is so inspiring because it playfully brings back a nostalgic time, without oversexualizing it. It’s fun, cute and great to look at with all the bright colors and it stays true to the innocence and modesty of childhood.