Keep Your Drinks Cool in the Tequila Barrel Ice Chest

 - Feb 11, 2014
References: wineenthusiast & thegreenhead
The Tequila Barrel Ice Chest offers a fun and inventive way to keep your alcohol nice and cold, and the good times rolling.

Hand crafted so no two are alike, the Tequila Barrel Ice Chest screams good times. This reclaimed tequila barrel ice chest and stand looks like the kind of buried treasure pirates would sail the seven seas looking for, however instead being filled with Spanish gold doubloons, this chest is filled with the greatest reward of all: tequila.

A great way to give any party a fun pirate vibe, the Tequila Barrel Ice Chest will serve you well on your night of drinking on the stormy seas, or in your friends backyard. Though I suppose if you wanted, you could use it to store other things inside it besides alcohol.