Teo by Karin Santorso Guides the Goodness of Every Drop

 - Sep 7, 2011
References: lucyd & fastcodesign
Everyone has her own trick for squeezing a teabag free of its remaining water, though with Teo by Karin Santorso you'll find that a limited amount of effort needs to be exerted. Essentially a curious-looking sculptural spoon, the implement takes a gradually furling form that acts as a wedge for compressing the satchet dry.

The tubular metallic shape enables you to feed the string of the tea bag out the other end. With this arrangement, you need simply pull on the thread until it resists, pressing out the last of the liquid. Its surface can double as a receptacle for the used bag.

Before this exercise, Teo by Karin Santorso can also act as a sugar server when dry and function effectively as a stir stick for your milk.